Thursday 1 February 2024

A Simple Simplex

The FK3D 'Druid' print has been selected as my next O9 project and outwardly it really did not need much work as it stood, just the removal of the support struts in the cab openings. However to add a touch of individuality I opted to remove the skirting under the underframe and around the axleboxes by a combination of cutting an drilling. A fine razor saw was used to make 6 cuts on each side, behind each re-railing bar and either side of the axleboxes. I then scored along the top edge with a craft knife and drilled out a series of holes to weaken the skirt. With a pair of pliers I could then cleanly remove the excess and clean up the edges using an emery board files and wet and dry sandpaper. 

Whilst this approach reveals a lot more of the Kato 11-109 chassis I feel it also makes the loco look a lot better when sat on the track, as the rails are visible and it looks less like it is hovering. The fuel tank and ladder on the side of the Kato chassis have been cut away to make it less obvious at a casual glance.

The only other change I have made is to strengthen the top edges of the cab sides with a length of 0.5mm handrail wire formed into a long 'U' section between the ends, just visible here after primer had been applied. The fine cab detail of the print is clearly visible, I have adapted a driver figure but he is being camera-shy at the moment. 

The print has had an initial coat of plastic primer followed by a rub down, a small amount of filling on the cab front to hide a print line and then a second coat of grey primer. It really has been that simple. The intention is to use a Lincolnshire Coast LR style light blue livery, I've always felt that 'Druid' had a lot in common with the LCLR style!

More soon...


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