Sunday, 28 April 2013

Building the Romney Scooter - 2

Someone seems to have stolen the last two months, honestly.... alternatively, if anyone could explain to me where they have gone I'd be grateful....

The workshop eventually warmed up to allow primer application and subsequently a coat Halfords aerosol yellow over the warning panels (with suitably improvised masking) in order to give a gloss base to later apply the Fox wasp stripe transfers to.  I opted for 1970's style green, which was brush applied (a blend of Citadel 'Snot green'* and Vallejo 'Black green').  All other colours were also brush applied and were all acrylics except the red, which was a Revell enamel.  Varnish is Railmatch matt from an aerosol.

Once painting was complete and left to dry for a few days, I added glazing - 10 thou clear styrene held in place and coated with 'Kleer' floor polish, added Araldite to the headlights to make them look like light lenses, and also fitted the exhaust, load and roof in place, added weight in the cab and bonnet and fitted the Kato chassis in place with 'tacky wax'.

Since these pictures were taken I have added MicroTrains couplings and lightly weathered the model to a 'day to day' condition.  More pictures soon, hopefully with a more interesting background....


*which prompts the statement "oh yes it is!"

I'll get my coat....

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Re-roofing the 'Romneys' - Completion

Just a quick update, some warmer weather a few weekends ago allowed access to the workshop at at reasonable temperature so the new 'Romney' roofs were primed, painted and varnished.  Following this they were fixed into position on the coaches and lightly weathered.

I'm very impressed with how these roofs have turned out, given that in the past I have not been confident to use the Dapol/Hornby surface as it came due to the problem of hiding the joins.  However, I've managed to loose them well on these (I put this down to employing a little more patience in rubbing down and re-filling), so these may form the prototype for future roofing work.