'Pandora' - 15" Narrow Gauge Outline Steam

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'Pandora' is the latest steam locomotive in the Shifting Sands fleet. Based on a Bachmann US chassis the loco uses a boiler originally destined for another model, a Dapol 'pug' kit cab and some new side tanks.

The boiler came from a planned model of the Kirklees Light Railway's 'Badger':

I had some reservations that the 'Pug' cab would work on a 7mm scale model, however feedback convinced me it could, so the cab profile was altered to give more headroom and the frames extended to make an 0-6-2T. Size wise it is on a par with 'Fox' at the KLR, although it has touches of 'Bonnie Dundee' in tank loco form and a hint of Exmoor in the design too:

Getting into the swing of things now, a chimney, dome and smokebox door have been added:

A side on view, hints of Exmoor and Kirklees design!

A blitz on rivet details and boltheads, plus some injector pipes:

The air pump is added plus some associated pipework:

A close up of the air pump, a turned brass 4mm scale part:

'Pandora', complete and resplendent in Maroon.

A size contrast with the American 2-6-2, recently reworked with changes to the front end:

Fresh from the workshop is the American outline 2-6-2, rebuilt with a new front end, improved steam pipes, a new bell (a HO diesel component!), and revised safety valves and whistle. There is finally a name for the loco - 'Thunderbolt'. I just need to create a story about rescuing her from the town museum!  

O9 Modeller would like to thank Mick Thornton for his help in creating this page.

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