Sunday, 24 April 2016

(Still) Stuck in a Siding

Some progress to report on the "under repair" Avalon Line coach project, which has now reached completion. As previously described, this example of the kit was one of the early samples that I built, then sold on to Andrew Blackwell, who reduced it in height to match the Shifting Sands examples. In an effort to straighten out a banana shaped roof I managed to break part of one side, setting the path to this project.

I posed the completed coach on 'The Headshunt' and couldn't resist tinkering with the colour settings!

In colour the faded red finish becomes apparent. Rather than spray the red as per most of my fleet, this was brush painted over red oxide car primer. The roof was painted grey and the solebar and underframes a very dark grey.

The acrylic paints were then sprayed with what remained of a can of Citadel (Games Workshop) 'Purity Seal' varnish. This went on a little roughly and far too satin in finish, but I wasn't worried about this, as the next stage in the process was to let it dry for several days, then carefully attack the red and grey areas with 1500 grit wet and dry paper to take the finish back to a worn, matt finish. Various washes were applied to the solebar, underframe and roof, followed by dry brushing to add further wear and tear.

Several areas were given a coat of a red oxide over the top of the weathered finish to represent areas where repainting has taken place, as seen here on the side where the air tank is visible. I have aimed for subtlety rather than a too over-weathered effect. Once it has a permanent home it will no doubt be surrounded by appropriate junk!


Friday, 1 April 2016

Cover Star

I arrived home this afternoon to find the latest issue of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association's 'Narrow Lines' had dropped onto the doormat. Staring back at me from the cover was one of my A1 Models locos and 'The Headshunt' diorama...

I had been tipped of by the editor that this was going to appear, but it is very nice to come home to it on a Friday!