Shifting Sands: Construction Scrapbook Part 4

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Based on material posted to on 28th October 2006.

With the exhibition deadline less than a month away this is the state of play near the end of October. As these photographs show, the layout is now almost visually complete, with figures and accessories in place.

I must take the opportunity of thanking my friend Chris Barker for the two scratchbuilt picnic benches and parasols that now sit outside the ice cream kiosk, they really do help set the scene!

A closer view of the kiosk, menu boards are photographically reproduced from originals in Scarborough (just near the Peasholme station of the North Bay Railway) and Wall's ice cream advertising produced the same way:

The proprietor of the kiosk is happy to watch the trains go by...

Whilst a keen railway photographer lines up another shot:

The American outline 2-6-2 waits for departure time:

Two more enthusiasts discuss all things railway related:

A new addition to the layout is a weathered Vanguards Vauxhall Astra, Someone is hopeful of sun on the Lincolnshire coast!

I have also added a water tower modified from an HO scale resin kit by Unit Models of Keighley. This has had a new top added and the pipework beefed up for 7mm scale use. It can be seen in the background in this view of Cumbria outside the shed:

Jay and Cumbria outside the shed with a lurking seagull:

A freelance diesel in the headshunt:

Works wagons in the siding near the pillbox:

The pillbox itself, modelled in 2/3rds relief:

Just in case anyone is wondering, the layout only has a backscene along the back of the scenic area. The sky that can be seen at the sides and front of the board in some shots is a piece of timber painted to match that can be put in place for photography and held with two clamps. It serves to save you from the real world beyond the baseboard edges...

O9 Modeller would like to thank Mick Thornton for his help in creating this page.

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