Shifting Sands: Structures and Vehicles

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Based on material posted to in December 2005, updated through to February 2006

The first item built for the planned layout is this ticket hut. This was given as a birthday present when I first started to work in O9, with the note attached "this might make a good place to sell the tickets". Thanks Dad! This is a Highland Castings kit modified to include a sales counter, which will feature a window with semi-circular cut out.

Interior detail of the kit. This is a separate casting which will aid painting in due course.

The painted ticket hut. Glazing has yet to be added, along with posters/signs etc. On the interior I spent some time picking out the individual details with acrylic paints.

The completed ticket hut. Lettering is by dry-print transfer and the cut out in the payment window was made using an office hole punch! Windows have been flush glazed using 20thou clear plastic.

This kit from the Port Wynnstay range is due to be painted to match the ticket hut and will go on the platform as an office. This will include interior details and I will also be changing the roof and a few other details for individuality.

The test assembled hut. Several detail changes will include a new roof.

I went a little crazy and made some office furniture to furnish the hut. Seats are based around coach seating mouldings.

The Port Wynstay hut kit completed and painted. I have added a new roof, gutter and down pipe, as well as creating an open window. The interior details are painted and ready for installation.

A WW2 Pill Box has been scratchbuilt in 2/3rds relief from Drawings published in 'British Railway Modelling' some time ago. This model was a simple exercise in foamcore construction, with a layer of 'concrete' added from a mix of decorating filler and PVA, sanded smooth once dry to represent worn, decaying concrete. This model that will fit into the corner of the layout.

On the borderline between structure and vehicle is the 1964 Polar caravan from the Cararama range, which will be incorporated into the layout as static staff accommodation for my 1/43rd scale people.  

Also from the the Cararama range is this Land Rover Discovery, which will find a place on the completed layout.

O9 Modeller would like to thank Mick Thornton for his help in creating this page.

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