Shifting Sands: Rolling Stock

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Originally posted to on 21st January 2006, updated 11/03/2006.

My first O9 diesel was an experimental build using a Bachmann F9 chassis unit with a body kitbashed from Dapol Railbus and Drewery Shunter parts. This worked out very well and from the poistive feedback it received I understand several other versions are under construction around the world!

A side view of the of the blue diesel. The louvres on the bodyside are from the Dapol Drewery Shunter kit:

Coaching stock for Shifting Sands will include three 12-seat open coaches, based on a design I first built a couple of years ago from Keil Kraft bus kit parts:

The new versions are completely scratchbuilt with the exception of Micro Trains bogies and Ratio fencing used for seating. The first of the new coaches is seen in bare plastic. This version is higher and wider than the older coach:

Although freelance these coaches are similar to those found on the Lakeside Miniature Railway in Southport and some features resemble Ravenglass and Eskdale stock.

Seen here painted, unfortunately the camera hasn't picked up the truss rods under the solebar:

One of the three open coaches is seen with the latest diesel from the production line. Despite a few almost completely scratchbuilt locos emerging from the works recently (including 'Cumbria', my R&ER style tram loco), my latest creation is modified from the Knightwing kit for an industrial shunter in 4mm scale. The cab just measures 28mm across - 4 scale feet in 7mm scale and the maximum safely possible in 15" gauge. The main modifications are a shortened bonnet and revised cab doors. The chassis frame is scratchbuilt. This runs on a Kato 4w chassis and the total price of the kit and chassis comes in at just under 25 pounds:

A drastic re-build has seen this extended in length due to the original model having problems over uncoupling magnets whilst uncoupling - the motor was being held on the magnet! In lengthened form the motor is clear of the magnet during uncoupling. A longer chassis frame and short bonnet at the cab end:

With paintwork completed and detail parts added the loco poses for the camera. Many of the added parts came from an earlier diesel that is now 'resting' in the workshop. Lining transfers are from a pack intended for 4mm scale Royal Mail rolling stock:

Enclosed stock will be based on some scratchbuilt models based on Romney Hythe & Dymchurch designs that have been passed on to me for completion. The first is a semi-open 12 seater and this has been followed by a 6 seat coach with guard's compartment and double doors for wheelchairs (and tip-up seats represented inside!):

A further 'Romney style' coach awaits painting. The seats are loose fitted and slipped before photography!

O9 Modeller would like to thank Mick Thornton for his help in creating this page.

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