Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Cluttering up 'The Headshunt'

Time for a catch-up on 'The Headshunt' diorama.  I managed to build up and prime the concrete fence to add to the front right-hand corner of the diorama.  This is from the Ratio/Peco mouldings, with added horizontal divisions scribed on.  Whilst the primer was out the RCL Hudson point lever also had a waft of paint ready to paint up to add to the scene.

Once painted and weathered the fence was set in place, complete with a few slabs piled up alongside it (left-overs from the Skegness inspired diorama last year), and a spare bogie frame (modified Avalon Line).  The plant life is starting to grow too, courtesy of Noch/Gaugemaster laser-cut products.

Along the back wall one of my piles of redundant track has been formed, made up from modified Peco parts.    

Further details have been added towards the left hand end of the scene.  The fence at the platform end is a modified Slaters product, the oil drums and pallet are Knightwing and the bag of stone is a Skytrex product.  Invasive plantlife is a further Gaugemaster laser-cut item.

Both the view above convinced me that I needed to put a little more attention into the ballast, which was duly added to and weathered to blend in to match.