Scratchbuilding Semi Enclosed Coaching Stock

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Based on material posted to in March 2007 and updated through to 13th January 2008

February 2007 has seen work start on a new 12 seat semi-enclosed coach, based loosely on one built by the Exmoor Steam Railway. This reverts to my tried and trusted method of coach building from the days I built stock with 'Routemaster' bus sides. Only now I am making up the side panels from scratch... I soon realised that this actually worked, so a second set of sides soon emerged from the works.

This was the first pair of carriage sides and ends to be completed, all from plastic section and sheet:

I then realised that the ends needed 'bufferbeam' extensions, so new ones were made from 40 thou plasticard:

Sides and ends were paired up, with a seat base at each end (also 40 thou thick) added to square up and strengthen the ends:

Once the paired sides and ends were joined, extra seat bases were added for the middle seats:

Seat backs and parcel shelves were then added to the interior:

On the underside the footwells were added next, complete with a cut-away to allow the overscale wheel flanges to swing around:

Roof panels made by strapping plastic sheet to an empty coke can and dunking in boiling water:

The underside of the roof is a Hornby wagon roof, suitably cut around and re-enforced:

The top side of the completed roof, the join will be filled at a later date:

A close-up of the bogie cut-away and mount, a contained 10 BA nut:

The final items added were truss rods below the solebars. The coach just needs filling, smoothing, painting and passengers. Apart from seats, added after painting, construction is now complete:

Skipping several stages, the coaches are now complete and painted:

A view of the pair of coaches (from the top of the workshop!):

A closer view of coach 15. Figures are mainly Preiser:

In January 2008 the SMR workshop turned out an 8 seat/guards semi-open coach (no 16) to match nos 14 and 15 delivered in 2007. This was built to the same pattern and incorporates a look-out each side of the guards van:

The completed coach, guards doors are ajar on each side:

O9 Modeller would like to thank Mick Thornton for his help in creating this page.

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