Friday, 6 May 2016

Spirit of Exmoor

You may think that in the two months since I last showed progress on my Exmoor Steam Railway 0-6-2T build I might have finished and painted it... well one of those is true, it is complete structurally and in detail. To celebrate I photographed her on 'The Headshunt'.

Since the last photographs you will notice that a lot more detail has been added. Some of this is from commercially available parts, suitably modified, others are scratchbuilt. Additions include the following:

  • Cylinder covers using some Dapol railbus mouldings suitably modified.
  • Bolt heads on headstocks and cylinders from Plastruct hex section.
  • Coal rails from Peco N-gauge coke wagon rails.
  • Dome from a modified Langley 'Lyn' casting, with new safety valves (Hornby spares) and whistle by Buzz models.
  • Chimney from modified Gem base and cap with brass tube in between to extend the height.
  • Tank fillers from Gem castings, with handrail knobs added as handles.
  • Smokebox door handle from Hobby Holidays.
  • Various pieces of plumbing from brass and phosphor bronze wire, split pins and fuse wire. This includes steam pipes and ejector pipework. 

Now the weatherman promises a warm weekend, so the primer spraying forecast is good...