Sunday, 29 November 2015

Just Sayin'...

At an exhibition the other day there was a box full of TT gauge wagons, some Triang, some kit built. Knowing that some 009 modellers have used the bodies of these in the past I wondered if any could be used for O9.

As it happens, the Triang TT tank wagon body looks like it will be a perfect fit on a Avalon Line AL82 54mm chassis....

One for the future no doubt.


Saturday, 21 November 2015

Playing with Post-its (wagon painting)

A quick progress report on the Chivers 2-plank wagon conversion/slimming to O9.  Having painted the bodywork with Humbrol red/brown I realised it would look better if I could pick out the ironwork in black. I realised that picking it out would be rather time consuming and fiddly, so I came up with* an alternative....

I cut two strips 8mm wide from the sticky end of a post-it note to use as masking, it is sticky enough to hold itself in place but not affect the paint below.  The strips were cut to fit between the hinge straps and end end uprights.

Using a mix of black and beige acrylic paint, I dry-brushed the hinges and uprights to get good colour coverage - it does not have to be perfect, as weathering will add to the effect in due course.

With the masking off, the result is quite effective...


*I say came up with, but I suspect it has been tried before!