Monday, 11 April 2011

Some I Made Earlier...

Having shared my latest industrial 'bash' last week I thought it was a good opportunity to look back over some past industrial locos that have emerged from my workbench, and even on occasion the kitchen table!

All the locos below have one thing in common... regular readers of the Gnatterbox or NGRM Online forums might be able to guess what it is...

 April 2005:  The first - Dapol Drewery parts for the bonnet and riding on a Roco HOe chassis.

May 2005:  The second - a hint of Drewey bonnet and a general 'older' look, riding on a Farish 08 chassis.

November 2007:  A little bigger - built in Gn15 using a Dapol railbus roof for bonnet top and Drewery chassis (static model).

November 2007:  Built from left-overs, a modern, Germanic outline loco built on a Kato chassis.

January 2010: A battery loco built from more left-overs on a Kato chassis, this had the rare pleasure of being painted!

May 2010: The most recent build, using Knightwing components and a Sidelines/Black Dog chassis frame over a Bachmann Plymouth chassis.

Apart from some very similar bonnet louvres, the thing that links all these locos is that every time I've built a freelance industrial loco it has ended up being sold on fairly shortly afterwards, I suppose that just proves that I am a die-hard miniature railway modeller...

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