Sunday, 1 January 2012

My travels in the land of Milliput

The other day I opened a new packet of Milliput, only the second I've ever bought!  Glancing at the packet I saw that I had purchased it in the rather traditional Clarke's Ironmongers in the Norfolk town of Aylsham whilst on holiday a few years ago.  Thinking back, the packet that had recently been used up had also been purchased on holiday, in Dixon's Discount Warehouse in Filey, way back on the first holiday my (now) wife and I had together.  A love of the Yorkshire coast was born on that holiday, in 2011 we stayed near Bridlington and I bought some terracotta Milliput in the branch of Boyes there (which includes a fascinating company museum on the top floor).  I can't put my finger on why I've always bought Milliput on holiday, but it makes a much more practical souvenir than some things I can think of...

Of course I was in Aylsham for another reason, to visit the 15" gauge Bure Valley Railway, where through the kindness of the railway's chairman, I had been granted a footplate pass.  Shortly after buying that Milliput I was on board BVR no. 8 for the trip to Wroxham:

Great times!  A Happy New Year to all readers of the blog.

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