Thursday, 19 July 2012

Hudson Hacking - Part 2

The workbench has been a relatively quiet place of late, however, a few projects are starting to come to fruition and some progress made.  The Hudson wagon chassis destined to become a model based on the Sherwood Forest Railway's open wagon has been completed, since it last appeared as a chassis only, it has progressed through this:

to this:

and completed with weathering:

On it's right is a wagon assembled from various Black Dog Mining parts, a 5ft chassis formerly under one of my scratchbuilt bodies, the cut-down chequerplate top previously on the Hudson frame and a coupler unit from the spares box.  The coupler has been modified to fit in the slot for my usual MicroTrains coupler, this wagon is perhaps intended for static display, however a swift coupler change can be facilitated if required!

The eagle eyes may notice something in the background... more on that another time.


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