Sunday, 30 June 2013

Taking a fence... again...

I've carried out some careful surgery to 'Shifting Sands' over the last couple of days, removing a length of concrete fencing, and replacing it... with a length of concrete fencing.

"Madness" I hear you cry, and you may well be right, but do let me explain.  Some time ago I build a small photographic diorama that was intended to be the virtual extension of the 'Fun Land' fence that forms part of the scenic break on 'Shifting Sands'.  I spent some time stencilling the letters 'FUN LAND' onto the fence to good effect.  With the possibility of re-using this fence on another project, but having to paint out the lettering, I opted to replace the fence on the layout with the lettered fence:

Having managed to remove the old fence andsplice in the new section, I carefully attempted to blend the colours.  There is a difference with the colour of the section that holds the sign, but that isn't really noticeable under normal conditions.  I've had to add backlighting to this shot as otherwise you cant' see too much through the hole in the sky!  The surplus fence sections, after a visit to the fence doctor, can now be re-used.

Some of you may have noticed that I re-edited my last posting here and may wonder why.  Well, I suppose I had been a bit hasty with a project and eventually realised that I had made a mistake and ended up reversing what I had done.  This is the photo that was removed:

Having swapped the generator wagon body onto a new chassis and built a replacement to larger dimensions, I realised that I had made a mistake and reversed the alterations, it simply didn't look right  The good news is that the new styrene body is now taking a life of it's own with a steel framed chassis scratchbuilt underneath, riding on a Peco N gauge chassis disguised with surplus Black Dog axleboxes:

Mind you, I still haven't decided what I need all these wagons for....


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