Friday, 23 January 2015

Hiding the end of the line (Up-cycle pt.4)

Having settled on the brick wall along the rear of 'Up-cycle', I needed to consider how the end of the scene should be finished off.  Having rejected a simple fence I considered whether a building could fit in the limited height available.  Something flat roofed might just fit, but it will be a case of "mind your head"! Now what if the front line could go into a doorway in the building...

The corrugated iron/H-girder fence actually dates back to my OO gauge boxfile layout, it was a prototype for the scrap yard fencing but used 7mm scale corrugated iron rather than the 4mm scale material used on the finished article.  Here it attempts to provide some depth and hide the corner.

I was then asked if was worth having the building flat stepped so that one part sticks out more than the other.Ironically this thought had already come to me and I had made a suitably rough sketch, although this involved a drop in floor level and a caravan behind a fence:

Translated into a mock-up, this became:

The thought has occurred to me that the section with track heading into it could be an excuse for another attempt at the former Skegness Miniature Railway shed, as I think the last one was probably over-size this one can be a little under-size to fit!

In other news, the walls are now structurally complete, pillars have had their corners neatened up and mortar lines taken around the corners.  The gate has been completed with posts, planking and a latch:


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