Thursday, 12 March 2015

Building the A1 Models O9 Hunslet - Version 2

In February I was able to pick up a new kit from A1 Models at the Doncaster "Festival of Railway Modelling" (John had been absent at a few recent exhibitions which had delayed things a little):

This builds into an altogether lower locomotive which is much more suitable for O9 15"/miniature railways than my previous build:

As I still had no Kato chassis to hand at the point of building, this has been built up to fit a Bachmann Plymouth. I had hoped to use a Black Dog Mining chassis frame under this loco, but the one I have does not fit around this second-hand chassis, so I replicated the design in styrene, albeit 1mm lower in overall height. The only alteration of the kit to fit this chassis was to take a chunk out of the cab front before folding up the etch, just visible through the cab doorway:

As usual I have added a few details of my own, the headlights and air horns are A1 Models turned parts from the 4mm diesel range, whilst the cowl for the exhaust vent is a Dapol 'Pug' buffer head. I have added Black Dog O&K axleboxes to the chassis frame, but this time I have built up the frame plates around them to give a different look. The boltheads are EDM Models mouldings whilst the straps at either end are Grandt Line dummy rail joiners cut in two:

I still need to add detail to the coupler area and also fit a cab interior, no doubt raiding the bits box once again...


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