Friday, 1 May 2015

Completing 'The Headshunt'

I've been adding a few more details and finishing touches to 'The Headshunt' photographic diorama.

As the scene represents the end of a station area I have included appropriate signage on the barrier at the end of the platform.  This is from an old Lithoplan 4mm scale set of signs but seems large enough in 7mm scale!

Another small detail that was required was a linkage between the RC Link point lever and the point, this is a piece of brass strip bent to shape with a Grandt Line bolt at one end.

As hinted at last time, I have tweaked the ballast in places to build up the levels, and also added some more Silfor grass tufts along the edges of the ballast at the far end, adding some more detail but really just to hide some awkward patches in the ballast cover!

I have tidied up around the edges of the scene, using a black surround, a contrast to recent efforts in natural wood, I have used matt black paint. In typical fashion I have added the diorama name in dry-print lettering to the front edge and protected it with matt varnish.

There are a few extra items to add in due course, not least a removable figure to stand by watching proceedings, however the diorama is now largely complete.


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