Saturday, 3 November 2018

The Tazmanian Devil Returns

Having started building this loco from an A1 Models kit over a year ago and last tinkered with it back in April I thought it was about time I finished it off. Having looked at my stalled efforts the decision was made that I will actually power up the locomotive rather than leave it as a workshop dummy. I did consider whether the dummy chassis frame could accommodate the Tomytec power unit but I concluded it might be easier to start again and incorporate some of the parts.

The axleboxes are the A1 etchings but sat in the recesses I have created in the 20 thou styrene sideframes, this gives a much better impression of depth.

These are the home-brewed adaptors to take the Tomytec power unit, with the modified unit behind. I'd like to say that I soldered these up fresh but they are actually the ones out of the other A1 loco cleaned up - that locos is still awaiting a decision on it's future.

This is the underside of the new chassis frame, I may add some further re-enforcement to the frames and buffer beams in due course:


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