Friday, 30 May 2014


"Tonight's alive/The beachball's set to fly" (REM)

In addition to the establishment of a deckchair and windbreak hire service, the Shifting Sands kiosk is pleased to announce that they have started selling assorted beach goods...

These details have been created using A1 Models 4mm scale depot equipment pallets as baskets, with a mixture of items within them.  The hats are Preiser, the bucket and spade assorted castings from the spares box, and the beachballs...?

Some map tacks from my childhood pin-board!  Several of these had coloured stripes added by hand and were then matt varnished and the pins cut off to fit into the basket.

I have also been working on the new signage for the kiosk, and have decided on three new signs that won't overdo the effect.  More on these another time.



  1. Hmm, good trick that, using pins. When I did something similar for a project last year I ended up repainting some toy cannonballs and a rollerball from a dead computer mouse. I'm gradually building a small seaside tramway layout in 009 and planning on having a track exit screened off by a little shop based on somewhere I saw at Silloth whilst at Uni. A couple of related ones you could try, I used some 1/32 plane eheels from an old Revell kit to make rubber rings, with a bit of repainting. I used some plastic Airfix wheels to bulk them out a bit, make it look like a stack of thrm, and because the Airfix ones are underneath the tyres, they don't need the hubcaps drilling out or filing down. I also had reasonable success sanding and filing the pointy bits off some ancient 1/72nd toy animals to make them loom like blow-up toys- a repaint with gloss makes them look like shiny plastic.

  2. Thanks for the comments Ben, I thought I had some small plastic rings in the workshop but they turned out to be a bit (ok, a lot) too big. However there were some rubber 'O' rings that looked about the right size so I have given a handful of them a waft of primer to see what I can do with them....