Sunday, 20 July 2014

Building the A1 Models O9 Hunslet - 2

An update on the A1 Models test etch build.  Most time spent on it has been spent on the chassis block, adding in details such as the transmission cover in the cab (covering the chassis block), smaller cab details from various Airfix/Dapol Drewery/Railbus spares, a Black Dog brake lever and details on the chassis frame including Grandt Line boltheads and scratchbuilt coupler pockets (to fit MicroTrains couplers)

A driver's seat was then added to the scratchbuilt chassis block.  This uses parts of the handrail moulding from a Knightwing shunter kit to form the tubular supports, with planks from 60 thou styrene offcuts:

Every driver's seat needs a driver, he is a bashed-about, forced to sit-down, Prieser clone, posed with his hand on the throttle lever:

Meanwhile, on the bonnet I have added filler caps for fuel and water, and on the far side the exhaust finds it's way up the front corner of the cab:

Apart from cleaning-up and blackening the corners etc, the model is now about ready for the paint shop.


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