Thursday, 20 October 2016

Rambling Thoughts of a Desk-Sitter

I've spent some time over the last week or so looking at some of the half completed odds and sods about the place and trying to create some sort of order from them. Having disposed of at least one offending item my thoughts drifted towards the possibility of a 'desk-sitter' shunting plank approx 25 x 6"...

Of course we have been here before, most recently with 'Upcycle', which was a little longer at 29" long, which was one of the issues that actually made it difficult to use as it was too tight a fit on the desk (i.e. too much needed clearing out of the way!)

If a new project does come into being, the lessons of Upcycle will be taken on board, notably having a decent height of backscene and not having a kick-back siding making life difficult. One option is to take the "less is more" single point approach that worked well on another desk-sitting project, my Gn15 'Ambassador Works', seen here in full form... on a desk...

Whilst delving through photos of past projects, it is worth pointing out that the balsa framed, foamcore topped baseboard being considered for this project is the much altered remains of the 'Misterton Fen Tramway' board from a few years ago. Subsequently used as a test track it was ironically replaced by 'Upcycle' and it's descendants. I have recently extended it at the right-hand end and for this project the left-hand end would also be extended.

We shall see...



  1. How about sticking with a near full width board, and screwing a block to each wall about 3" above the desk. That way the layout can be got out without clearing the workbench. Another pair of blocks above head height could be used to store the layout out the way.

  2. That's an interesting thought Michael, as I hadn't actually considered where any potential desk-sitter would store... there may be shelves in the way above head height, but I will add your thoughts to the ongoing process!