Sunday, 10 May 2020

Trigger's Broom

Yesterday I spent some time considering what the rolling stock requirements would be for the 'Getting Something Moving' project. Amongst other options I wondered how I could generate further Black Dog Mining chassis if I went wholly down that route (other options under consideration include KB Scale Hudson chassis).

I opted to free up a chassis from one of my recent 'tops' wagons by adding the 'tops' body to that Shifting Sands classic of the low sided wagon with generator load, seen here when first completed about 15 years ago. I had been considering adding a 'tops' body to this anyway so it isn't as huge a leap as it seems....

It's had a couple of rebuilds over the years, including a failed and subsequently reversed chassis swap. On this occasion I decided it was less destructive to do a chassis swap under the newer body and after drilling dummy bolt holes in the new floor to match those on the original wagon, switched the load and details over, aiming to get everything in the same places. Some grey paint has altered the colour of the new body from brown to weathered grey. Why swap the chassis you ask, well to me it is still the same wagon...

Where's Trigger when you need him?!


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