Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sometimes I can't resist the urge to tinker...

As can be imagined, I'm starting to build up a small stock of Dapol railbus underframe parts and for some time I've wondered what the suspension and axlebox parts could be used for in narrow gauge modelling.  Of course they could be used for loco underframes - as per the original version of the industrial i/c loco, but where would the fun be in that?!

I've wondered what use they would be for wagon underframes, so taking already-used parts from the old i/c loco chassis, I had a play:

Top of the picture is a BlackDog 6ft chassis for comparison.  The sample under that uses the Dapol suspension wrong way up without the spring, I think that this would pass quite well in O9.

The bottom sample uses the Dapol axlebox right way up and chopped about a little (lot) the idea is to fill up the gaps either side above the axlebox with filler, this would be more suited to O-16.5 or Gn15.

Oh well, kept me occupied for half an hour....

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