Sunday, 12 February 2012

To Intrepidly Go...

I've had a few setbacks on the painting front of late - which I have put down to being a bit out of practice, but I can now say that this is on the right track:

Since a second sprayed coat of blue (I said there were setbacks...), this has had three coats each of the roof and solebar grey, and red bufferbeams. Details have been touched in, including the headlights (which will get a dollop of Araldite once varnished) and door handles. Transfers are a mix of the Dapol whiskers and SMS transfer lettering, applied with MicroSet and MicroSol:

This is a key project for me in many ways, whilst it is the first item to be finished since I got back into the swing of things, it is also perhaps the last dedicated item to be built for 'Shifting Sands' - future projects are still in the dreaming phase!

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