Saturday, 10 March 2012

To Intrepidly Complete...

I hadn't realised until I had a conversation at Narrow Gauge North this morning that is nearly a month since I updated O9modeller.  So what have you missed?  Well, er... not a great deal!

Intrepid (II) is now complete, treated to a coat of Citadel (Games Workshop) satin varnish with no ill effect on the enamel paints used for the secondary colours, hopefully as a result of leaving them plenty of time to dry before overcoating.  Smaller parts such as the air horns were fitted and glazing added mostly using parts from the kit.  A tip to pass on here is to use a black marker pen around the edges of those curved corner windows, this really reduces the prismatic effect.  A second tip is to use 'Kleer' floor polish to coat the windows inside and out to get a good transparent effect.

The cab door windows are the only ones not used from the kit, 20 thou clear styrene was used for these, the divider bar is a strip of silver car trim line.  Nameplates are from A1 Models.

A comparison with the original loco was inevitable,  The new loco is on the right!  The original is now undergoing some work to restore it to it's 'as built' height (basically without the grey solebar) for display purposes.  I'll write some more about this project in due course.

I've also completed the Hudson framed open wagon, seen here temporarily carrying oil drums, however events may have overtaken this one, more in a future update!

An finally my industrial i/c loco is progressing in the paintshop after several setbacks, including an almost total strip-down and repaint, the colour now used in Halfords Ford Meadow Green.

And if that isn't enough of an update, I'll post some thoughts from NG North later this evening....

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