Monday, 26 March 2012

On Being Industrious

I'm pleased (perhaps relieved) to say that my i/c industrial loco project is now at a degree of completion.

Following a coat of Games Workshop varnish, I have glazed the cab windows with individual pieces of glazing, including a representation of a sliding window in the cab side.  I have also made the headlights look like lenses using Araldite.

At the moment the couplings (and indeed chassis) are in O9 mode, however it can be made to sit on a 24mm 'Spud' and fitted with modified NEM-fitting tension lock or Kaydee couplers with a few moments work to run in O-16.5 mode.

Inside the cab some of the detail (mostly Sidelines parts) can be seen:

It could really do with a heavy dose of weathering but that will have to wait until I decide it's fate, It is a bit of an alien interloper in my existing fleet, and certainly looms over any of the 'Shifting Sands' fleet.  Of course it is intended as an 18" gauge industrial loco rather than a 15" miniature one.  Although I did start work on some wagons for it to pull, these are on hold at the present time until I decide whether to pursue the industrial approach or whether to explore other options.  But don't worry, either way will be reported here in due course.

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