Saturday, 2 February 2013

Credit where credit is due...

A couple of months ago I was kindly sent a batch of MicroTrains unassembled coupler parts by a fellow member of a modelling forum.  There was however a little bit of a problem.... the tiny centering* springs were missing.  Whilst they are listed as a spare by a model shop not too distant from here, I suspect they haven't got stock in-store and the shopping 'experience' there can be, er, interesting these days (I'm told). Having then searched online for these, and seen some hilarious postage charges from the USA, I happened to ask on the P&H Models stand at the Wakefield show.  They didn't have any, but could get them in time for Pontefract, so an email confirming the part number was sent and at the Pontefract show I had these in my hand at a very reasonable price:

This has enable me to get on building couplers and there will be several spares for the future.  So credit where credit is due, to P&H Models for their customer service.  Sadly I hear they are winding down exhibition appearances to concentrate on their new shop in Louth, they will certainly be missed at shows - their Evergreen styrene prices are very competitive!


*deliberate Americanisation, it's on the packet!

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