Sunday, 23 June 2019

Two Little Ducks...

After the interlude getting 'Shifting Sands' into action for Burton, and a few follow-up jobs, the Beck Bridge has now stirred back into action....

There are a few new additions, some you can see here, others you will discover by reading on!

Most obviously there is now some life to the scene, the video camera wielding enthusiast is a Phoenix/S&D casting. This is actually the second of these I've owned, I think I've got the finish a lot better this time around. I've added a bag at his feet from the Prieser 1/48th airmen set. It is actually attached to him as he is removable. This is in theory to allow him to be moved about, but practically he is just too tall for the box...

Now he is supposed to be waiting to video a passing train, but it does appear that whilst waiting he's pointing the camera at this seagull.... This is a Duncan Models casting with scratchbuilt feet. Just visible is the pile of fresh sleepers I created to fill the gap in the scenery that I had been contemplating how to treat.

And here's the addition you didn't spot, swimming happily along the beck... these are Duncan Models ducks, they have a standing companion who is hiding on Shifting Sands!

In the process of adding the ducks I opted to add another layer of varnish to the beck, which hasn't gone swimmingly (ouch) so close inspection is not advised!

Hopefully I can get the edges of the board touched in and lettered before infiltrating the 009 Society Mansfield members day with some O9 (13th July at Portland College, if you are passing).


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