Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Summertime Blues (with lashings of Cream)

My semi-open coach conversion of the Roger Chivers O9 coach has finally reached the point of completion. I don't usually like to post pictures of models during the painting process, but I'll make an exception on this occasion. I had a few issues with adhesion that I put down to the age of the primer coat and over-handling of the model since, although it was cleaned several times. Paint is largely Vallejo acrylics applied by brush and overcoated with Humbrol aerosol matt varnish. 

Following varnishing I went off for a few days in Norfolk and on my return started to add the glazing to the (ex-Dapol railbus) side windows, using 20 thou clear styrene cut to side and flush fitted, secured in place with Kleer. This didn't go to plan on the first attempt and after a revision in practices, new glazing pieces and a fresh bottle of Kleer it went a lot better. The end windows are also glazed with 20 thou material, fitted into the recess provided on the kit parts. 

I then started focusing on a new project but this week I thought I ought to add a little weathering, wheels and couplings etc...The figures are a small selection I had to hand, temporarily held in place with BluTac. As with everything of late, until I decide on it's final duties they will stay temporary!

Weathering has only been lightly applied to the roof, underframe/bogies and a touch of dry brushing around the door openings to represent wear and tear. Overall I think this captures the look of a much-modified 15" gauge coach rather well, but I'm not in a hurry to build another in this form, maybe I'll reconsider in another 5 years... 


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